KiOR receives $25M lifeline from Khosla
Scania introduces new 100% biodiesel version of 16-liter V8; Euro 6 with EGR and SCR

EPSRC & Tata Steel form new research partnership; graphene-coated steels and next-gen sensors for extreme environments

Tata Steel has formed a strategic partnership with the UK research body the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop a range of innovations that will include graphene-coated steels and next-generation sensors that can operate in extreme environments.

The research will include studying the viability of coating steel strip with graphene, a one-atom thick carbon layer the properties of which include anti-corrosion and a high degree of electrical conductivity. Graphene coated steels could boost the energy efficiency of solar panels, or make buildings longer-lasting by reducing damage caused by water or even the most corrosive of chemicals.

Also among the key research areas will be ways to improve waste recycling processes and the development of new sensor equipment which, with the ability to operate in very high temperatures or extreme chemical environments, could lead to greater understanding of metallurgical and chemical properties and processes.

The partners will work together on long-term research, postgraduate training and knowledge exchange in a number of different pre-defined areas.



Could high strength steel cables coated with grapheme be used for high voltage transmission lines?

With reduced corrosion and increased surface conductivity, this type of cable could become a way to reduce initial installation cost and e-energy lost?

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