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Ricardo collaborates with EXNOVO to launch full motorcycle and scooter product development capability

Ricardo and Italy-based EXNOVO, a leading vehicle design house, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on motorcycle and scooter product development. Under the agreement, Ricardo will be able to offer an exclusive, combined service, providing a fully comprehensive range of motorcycle and scooter design, engineering and development capabilities up to and including turn-key concept to production implementation programs.

For new customers, Ricardo said, the synergies available from the collaboration will be particularly attractive, while existing customers will enjoy the efficiency savings that it will bring, by sourcing the whole vehicle engineering program a single partner.

Ricardo is a world leader in the provision of engineering expertise to this sector, in particular in the areas of motorcycle and scooter power train technology, design and development and production implementation, and vehicle based integration, development, emission control and refinement. By combining this with EXNOVO’s creative flair as one of the world’s most admired vehicle, aesthetic and industrial design houses, I believe that we can provide a truly unparalleled and comprehensive high quality motorcycle and scooter capability, from component engineering to full, turn-key whole vehicle concept to production programmes.

—Paul Etheridge, Ricardo’s head of motorcycle engineering



An affordable mass produced e-scouter is overdue?

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