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New auto consortium targets material challenges in design, simulation, lightweighting, global manufacturing, and emissions reduction

At SAE World Congress in Detroit, Granta Design announced the launch of the Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium (AutoMatIC). This new industry collaboration will bring together OEMs and suppliers in the automotive and off-highway vehicle sectors to develop best practice for materials information and its use. AutoMatIC is modeled on two projects that have pioneered the industrial application of materials information technology: the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) and the Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium.

Accurate, controlled materials information is essential to initiatives involving Virtual Product Development, materials substitution, supply chain qualification, certification, and risk assessment. Automotive organizations also need to keep up with a rapidly-evolving materials landscape, understanding and applying innovations in areas such as higher-strength steels and composite materials.

Good materials data and effective materials decisions are essential in optimizing product designs for global manufacturing, lightweighting, and emissions reduction. A strong base of technology already exists to manage materials information, deploy it for use, and turn it into material intelligence.

The AutoMatIC project intends to enhance this technology for automotive applications.

The Consortium will begin an initial three-year phase in June. Founding members will be announced before the first meeting later this year and are expected to include leading OEMs and suppliers from the US and Europe. The project is open to any organization in the relevant sectors interested in applying materials information technology.

In supporting the work of the Consortium, Granta will provide members with access to technology, data, and project work including: software to manage corporate materials data; innovative tools to integrate materials data into CAD, PLM, and simulation; leading reference data sources on automotive steels, lightweight alloys, polymers, and composites; and the outcomes of collaborations in areas such as data generation for steel and composite crash models, and restricted substance reporting.


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