EPA revises 2013 cellulosic biofuel standard down to 810,185 gallons; 0.0005%
Dearman-led consortium awarded $3.1M to develop waste-heat-recovery system using liquid air engine

Tesla and Sixt Leasing partner in Switzerland; monthly Model S payments start at about US$920

Tesla has expanded its strategic relationship with Sixt Leasing to include Switzerland as well as Germany. With 10% down on a 36-month lease, Sixt offers payments of approximately CHF 810 - 950 (US$919 - $1,078) per month, depending on the mileage selected by the customer.

Tesla suggests that Model S customers will save up to CHF 300 (US$340) per month in fuel and tax savings compared to premium internal combustion vehicles, resulting in a potential effective net cost of driving Model S of about CHF 660 (US$749) per month.

Electric vehicles are exempt from annual road tax (CHF 40, US$45 per month) in certain cantons including Zurich, Geneva and Ticino. Tesla expects the bulk of the monthly savings (CHF 100 - 260, US$113 - $295) to come from driving with electricity instead of gasoline—including access to—Tesla’s free Supercharging Network—at 10,000 - 25,000 kilometers (6,200 - 15,500 miles) per year.


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