NASA signs agreements with German, Canadian partners to study emissions from alternative jet fuels
EaglePicher receives follow-on $3M award from ARPA-E to continue work on planar sodium-beta batteries

Electrovaya delivers next-gen prototype battery packs to Dongfeng Motors; 20% greater capacity

Electrovaya Inc. has delivered its next generation of prototype battery packs to Dongfeng Motors (DFM) in China. DFM, a leading Chinese automaker, is embarked on an electric vehicle program which includes two electric vehicle platforms. The Electrovaya battery design enables the same Electrovaya battery to fit both the 2-door and 4-door electric vehicle platforms from DFM.

Due to ongoing improvements in the cell manufacturing process, this battery has about 20% increased capacity and performance over Electrovaya’s previous DFM prototypes. The battery uses Electrovaya’s proprietary unique non-toxic manufacturing process.

Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer 2.0 battery consists of high energy density cells and Battery Management System (BMS) along with sub-assemblies of mechanical, thermal, electrical and electronics.



Pre-2012 Electrovaya Super Polymer 1.0 had about 200 Wh/Kg or about the same level as batteries used in the Tesla Model S-85.

A 20% improvement would put this Super Polymer 2.0 at about 240 Wh/Kg.

Electrovaya is a small firm and could easily be bought by Tata-India or Dongfeng-China.


yes but experience in mass production of Electrovaya is less than zero, and that is what Tesla needs not a start up with no record at industrial scale.


Dongfeng and/or Tata could fix that?


Producing cars is not producing batteries. Refer to A123 about quality problems.


Dongfeng and Tata are major Asian car producers.

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