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Volkswagen of America reports best April and YTD diesel sales; Passat diesel take rate at 42.1%

While overall Volkswagen of America, Inc. sales in April were down 8.4% to 30,831 units year-on-year, the company reported that TDI diesels represented 30.6% of its sales in April, marking the best April for TDI vehicles on record and also the best year-to date results.

The Chattanooga-built Passat totaled 9,315 units delivered for the month. In April the Passat TDI delivered 3,923 clean diesels or 42.1% of total Passat sales. This marks the best April ever for Passat TDI.

For its part, Audi USA (also part of the Volkswagen Group) achieved its best April sales in company history and its second highest monthly results ever, with sales of sales of 15,653 vehicles. Audi sales year-to-date increased 7.5% to 50,881 vehicles sold.

The April sales mix for Audi TDI diesel models was:

  • Audi A6 TDI at 14.2% on 303 vehicles sold; Audi A7 TDI at 11% on 90 vehicles;
  • A8 TDI at 11.7% on 52 vehicles;
  • Audi Q5 TDI at 16.2% on 532 vehicles;
  • Audi Q7 TDI at 28% on 410 vehicles; and
  • An overall mix of 17% on 1,387 total TDI sales for April.


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