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Odyne introduces advanced export power system from medium- and heavy-duty plug-in hybrid system

The Odyne plug-in hybrid drive system for medium- and heavy-duty trucks now incorporates new technology capable of providing scalable pure sine exportable power of up to 6 kW or greater from the hybrid battery system to power large electrical loads, equipment and tools.

The Odyne export power system has been tested to 18 kW and is designed for applications up to 36 kW, potentially eliminating the need for vehicle-mounted or towed independent electrical generators, or the need to continually idle the truck to operate engine driven generators, reducing operating costs. The Odyne system provides consistent power conversion throughout the entire range of the battery charge.

The system will operate without interruption at the work site, even if battery capacity drops, since the hybrid system has the ability to recharge the battery quickly by temporarily using the chassis engine, if needed.

The robust design of the inverter features external mounting capabilities, advanced diagnostics and improved communications capabilities for accurate control, easier servicing, power use reporting and customized programming to optimize system performance. The new system can free up space within the truck body and its unique design provides flexibility in meeting varying power requirements.

An Odyne hybrid system reduces fleet operating and maintenance costs, and depending on duty cycle, enables large trucks to obtain fuel economy improvements of up to 50% compared to traditional diesel or gasoline engines. The system features proprietary and patented hybrid technology combining reliable electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology.

The Odyne hybrid power system interfaces with Allison Transmission’s fully-automatic transmissions, Remy advanced electric propulsion motors with industry leading power density and efficiency, Johnson Controls lithium-ion battery technology and other robust, automotive quality components.

The unique PTO (Power Take-off) interface provides a direct connection between the hybrid system and the transmission, enabling improved fuel efficiency.

When the truck is driving, the Odyne hybrid system utilizes electric launch assist and regenerative braking to save fuel. When the truck is stationary, Odyne’s hybrid system powers most equipment for the entire work day with the engine off.

Odyne Systems has been selected to participate in a $45.4-million US Department of Energy (DOE) award to develop and deploy plug-in hybrid systems for more than 120 trucks throughout North America in 2014.


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