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LG Chem licenses Li-ion ceramic separator technology to Ube Maxell

LG Chem, Ltd. has signed a patent license agreement with Ube Maxell Co., Ltd. for separator film technology owned by LG Chem. Ube Maxell is a joint venture between Ube Industries, Ltd. and Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. in the field of coated separator films for lithium-ion batteries.

Under the agreement, Ube Maxell acquires patent use rights from LG Chem for ceramic coating of separator substrates, which are a key component of lithium-ion batteries.

Ube Maxell was formed in February 2011; the company manufactures and sells high-performance coated separator films for lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles, and lithium-ion batteries for industrial applications.

The patent granted to Ube Maxell is for LG Chem’s Safety Reinforced Separator (SRS) technology, which uses a ceramic coating on separator substrates to enhance the thermal deformation resistance and mechanical strength of separators. This in turn prevents short-circuits inside lithium-ion batteries to ensure lithium-ion battery safety.

Details of the license agreement between LG Chem and Ube Maxell have not been disclosed.

Separately, GM recently announced that LG Chem would provide the cells for the upcoming 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV. (Earlier post.)


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