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Anellotech making available kg-scale quantities of biomass-derived BTX

12 May 2014

Catalytic fast pyrolysis company Anellotech is making available kilogram-scale quantities of green BTX to strategic partners for downstream development. Using its proprietary catalyst, Anellotech’s single step CFP (catalytic fast pyrolysis) process enables biomass to be converted in a fluidized-bed reactor into commercially viable aromatics, principally benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX). (Earlier post.)

Anellotech’s newly-developed green aromatics products are “drop-in” replacements for petroleum-derived aromatics and have use in a variety of valuable derivative applications.

These uses include benzene for production of polystyrene, styrene butyl rubber (tires), nylon, polycarbonate, and phenolics; toluene to make polyurethane; and para-xylene, for production of PET bottles and fibers.

The BTX will be used by current partners in their downstream development initiatives, and for future partners to support their due diligence activities.

The Anellotech technology is able to work from a variety of renewable feedstocks including palm wastes, bagasse, corn stover, and, for the most recent production, wood feedstocks. The company’s Pearl River pilot plant commenced successful initial operations in December 2013.

Anellotech will participate in JVs that will own and operate CFP plants, as well as license the technology.

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This sounds important.

Can someone who has than my one general chemistry class confirm this Anellotech value?

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