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Eni launches its car sharing service “Enjoy” in Rome

Enjoy, the car sharing service that Italy-based energy major Eni developed in partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia, will start operating in Rome tomorrow with a fleet of more than 300 Fiat 500 cars which will increase to 600 by September 2014. Enjoy is already deployed in Milan, with more than 80,000 registered customers and 500,000 rentals in the first five months. The scheme features free online membership, competitive rates and a simpler and more efficient customer experience.

The car sharing service offered in Rome is the same as the one already implemented in Milan: a driver can view the nearest car and book it with the App (Android, iOS, and from June 9 also for Windows Phone) or via the website Drivers can also choose a car from the street, book it and use it immediately.

The cars include free access to limited traffic zones in the city and after the use can be released in any parking space in the area covered by the service (for Rome it’s about 100 sq km). As an additional asset there are also clearly marked enjoy free parking spaces for free in the operative area of the service. All the Fiat 500 of the Enjoy carpark are Euro 6 homologated, have parking sensors and are fully equipped to comfortably transport up to four people.

Pricing is €0.25 ($0.34) per minute (for the first 50 km, after which the cost is 25 cents per additional km) or 10 cents per minute if the customer wishes to keep the car in rental during a stop. The rate is all inclusive, as it includes the cost of insurance, maintenance, fuel and parking.


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