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EPA extends compliance deadlines for the 2013 Renewable Fuels Standards

6 June 2014

EPA is extending the compliance deadlines for the 2013 renewable fuel standards. The new deadlines are 30 September 2014 for obligated parties to submit their compliance demonstration reports to EPA and 30 January 2015 for submission of the attest engagement reports.

…in light of the fact that the EPA has not yet issued the 2014 annual standards rule, we believe it is appropriate to provide a further extension of the 2013 compliance demonstration deadline. … once the 2014 RFS standards are known, obligated parties may choose to consider the impact of the new standards on their 2013 RFS compliance approach, including how many 2013 Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) they can carry-forward (there is a 20% limit based on the 2014 standard) for purposes of complying with the 2014 RFS standards.


The EPA intends to finalize the remaining portion of its rulemaking to establish the 2014 renewable fuel standards shortly.

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