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Statoil and Research & Development Corporation invest in Arctic and harsh-environment R&D

Canada’s Research & Development Corporation (RDC) and Statoil Canada Ltd. announced a collaborative investment in three new research and development projects to improve Arctic and harsh-environment offshore oil and gas operations in Newfoundland and Labrador and around the world. The total value of the projects is $3.9 million, including $2.4 million from Statoil Canada and $1.5 million from RDC.

The projects, funded through Statoil Canada’s Arctic R&D Step-Up initiative and RDC’s ArcticTECH program, are:

  • Kvaerner Canada Ltd. will be collaborating with Statoil Canada Ltd. in researching concepts and designs for deepwater Arctic separation and storage facilities. The facilities would be used in conjunction with a fixed or floating offshore production facility and would consist of concrete tanks mounted on the seabed. The tanks would be used for separation of gas and water from oil and storage of stabilized/separated oil.

  • Rutter Inc. (Rutter) will collaborate with Statoil Canada Ltd. to develop comprehensive oil and ice analysis technology that will provide pervasive, 24-hour real time information for decision support in such tasks as ice defense planning, mission logistics, incident detection and response coordination. Successful outcomes of this project will result in a system capable of automatically detecting and displaying sea ice characteristics and properties as well as providing drift prediction for ice floes and pans.

  • AMEC Americas Ltd. (AMEC) is collaborating with Statoil Canada Ltd. to develop an integrated ice surveillance system that will fully incorporate three key elements: (1) iceberg and sea-ice remote sensing technology; (2) ice forecasting technology; and (3) a data integration, information display, risk assessment, and ice management decision support platform. Successful outcomes of this project will assist Statoil in addressing active issues related to the company’s operations in ice-covered and harsh environments.

Statoil announced the Arctic R&D Step-Up initiative in March 2013, inviting companies to submit proposals related to Arctic subsea production systems or remote sensing technology. The initiative was launched by Statoil Canada identifying RDC as a collaborative partner.

RDC’s investment includes a $500,000 commitment for each of the three projects.


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