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ContiTech acquired e-bike drive manufacturer Benchmark

ContiTech recently acquired Benchmark Drives GmbH & Co. KG (BMD), a developed of e-bike drives, and is thus further expanding its commitment in the growing market for e-bikes and pedelecs.

ContiTech Power Transmission Group has been developing drive systems for bicycles, pedelecs, and e-bikes together with BMD for a long time. Last year, both companies presented a complete drive system for e-bikes and pedelecs comprising a central motor, display, control unit, and battery.

The tooth profile of the Conti Drive System’s heavy-duty timing belt ensures maximum jump-over protection on drives for bicycles, pedelecs, and e-bikes.

Conti eBike System at a glance: Display, integrated control unit in the left handle, Motor, battery (downtube and carrier variants). Click to enlarge.

This modular Conti eBike System is positioned in the premium segment and is smaller, more powerful, and lighter than other concepts currently on the market.

Since 2012, both companies have been selling the CONTI DRIVE SYSTEM, a drive technology for bicycles that uses a timing belt instead of the usual chain. The system thus dispenses with time-consuming oil lubrication and is therefore service-free and environmentally friendly.

Benchmark Drives was founded in 2010 and counts notable bicycle manufacturers among its customers. Drive systems from Benchmark Drives consist of an electric motor, rechargeable battery, control system, and display.


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