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Chevrolet Volt owners surpass half a billion electric miles; 63% of overall driving in EV mode

Chevrolet Volt owners have accumulated more than half a billion all-electric miles since the vehicle’s launch in 2010. Additionally, based on a GM study of more than 300 Volts in service in California for more than 30 months, many owners are exceeding the EPA-rated label of 35 miles of EV range per full charge, with about 15% surpassing 40 miles of range.

Volt owners are doing more than 63% of their overall driving in EV mode. Volt owners who charge regularly typically drive more than 970 miles between fill-ups and visit the gas station less than once a month.

The 2014 Volt provides owners with fuel economy of EPA-estimated 98 MPGe (electric) and 35 city/40 highway on gasoline power.

In an independent study conducted between July and December 2013, Volt drivers who participated in the Department of Energy’s EV Project managed by Idaho National Labs totaled 1,198,114 vehicle trips of which 974,692, or 81.4%, were completed without the gasoline-powered generator being used.

The Volt continues to attract new buyers to Chevrolet with 69% of Volt buyers new to GM. The Toyota Prius is the most frequently traded-in vehicle for a Volt.



The only green car that make sense but it is still too costly and gm is losing money because it cost more to build than the selling price.

Please bring the serious stuff, hydrogen cars with an efficient hydrogen infrastructure where the hydrogen is made at the station by water electrolysis.


GOR: why waste energy on extremely inefficient electrolysis process? Do you understand how many coal burning plants should be build to account for inefficiencies of electrolysis? Compare it to directly charging the car... Take into account combustible nature of hydrogen! It is VERY dangerous. Hydrogen is much more flammable and combustible than gasoline. Compare it to batteries that are safer than gasoline!

Why do you think we need dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and cost prohibitively expensive middleman, a hydrogen?


A Volt going 30-40 miles per day, plugged in each night can really save a LOT in energy costs. I believe this is under estimated by many people. May GM sell many more of these in years to come.

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