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Mermaid Marine launches 100% biodiesel capable marine engines in UK

Mermaid Marine is offering the Citius series of heavy-duty marine engines from AGCO SISU Power—the only common rail engine available approved to run on 100% biodiesel with no compromise in performance.

The importance of biodiesel is continuously increasing with biodiesel such as rapeseed accepted as an alternative fuel for use in engines. The fuel—either 100% biodiesel alone, or in any mixture ratio with diesel fuel according to EN 590 or ASTM D975—can be used in all the engines which are equipped with a mechanic or electronically controlled injection pump.

—Mermaid Marine sales executive Julian Osborne

AGCO SISU Power, formerly Sisu Diesel, was originally founded in 1942. The engines are built at the company’s main factory in Finland and comply with IMO 2 emission regulations and are future proofed for the forthcoming IMO 3 legislation.

The engines are available in four and six cylinder versions from 130 hp to 410 hp and are designed for extreme conditions.

The engines are on a third-generation electronic control system. Bosch supplies common rail components and basic program ware; AGCO SISU POWER develops the engine specific SisuTronic control program. Cold start and cold running adjustments are controlled automatically depending on ambient and engine temperatures. Electronic engine protection functions are built into the control system. The system analyses constantly possible injector faults, rail pressure and operation in every cylinder.


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