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DOE awards $6M to advance cost-competitive drop-in biofuels

15 July 2014

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will award $6 million to two projects to help develop next generation biofuels that will help drive down the cost of producing gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels from biomass. DOE is targeting the production of cost-competitive drop-in biofuels at $3 per gallon by 2017.

The research and development projects will focus on lowering production costs by maximizing the renewable carbon and hydrogen from biomass that can be converted to fuels and improving the separation processes in bio-oil production to remove non-fuel components.

  • SRI International of Menlo Park, California will receive $3.2 million to produce a bio-crude oil from algal biomass that will maximize the amount of renewable carbon recovered for use in fuel and reduce the nitrogen content of the product in order to meet fuel quality standards.

  • Research Triangle Institute (RTI) of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina will receive $3.1 million to maximize the biomass carbon and energy recovery in a low pressure process, therefore lowering production costs, to produce a bio-crude oil that can be efficiently upgraded into a finished biofuel.

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Oil companies waste more than this before lunch.

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