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Voith Turbo supplying 60 fuel-efficient DIWA.5 automatic transmissions for Pittsburgh buses

Voith Turbo Inc. will deliver 60 DIWA.5 automatic transmissions to Gillig, LLC this summer, which will be used in clean diesel buses bound for the Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAT) transit system in Pittsburgh, PA. Voith’s DIWA.5 transmission allows for very smooth gear shifts, which reduce wear and tear and increase driving comfort in city transit buses. Additionally, its overdrive 4th gear optimizes fuel-friendly engine speeds in city traffic.

At least 325 PAT buses currently utilize a DIWA transmission.

DIWA transmissions feature a long first gear, providing a smooth ride and reduced gearshifts by up to 50% compared to conventional transmissions, Voith says. Reduced shifts mean less wear and higher driving comfort. In addition, a hydraulic torsional vibration damper (hydrodamp) at the transmission input greatly reduces engine vibrations. DIWA’s full flow oil circuit ensures oil temperature and transmission components run and operate at the lowest possible temperature.

The transmissions will be delivered to Gillig later this summer, with final delivery of the buses to Pittsburgh occurring near the end of the year. The Port Authority of Allegheny County operates approximately 700 buses, which serve more than 175,000 customers on an average weekday.


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