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Global Bioenergies receives advanced fermentation unit to produce gaseous hydrocarbons

Global Bioenergies (GBE), a leading developer of one-step fermentation processes for the direct and cost-efficient transformation of renewable resources into light olefins (earlier post) has received an fermentation unit and its associated devices optimized for the fermentative production of gaseous hydrocarbons.

The elements were first assembled at the manufacturer in order to run stress tests, which took place without incident early in July. The unit was then dismantled and conveyed to GBE’s Pomacle site, where it will be reassembled in the coming weeks.

We are currently producing kilograms of bio-isobutene on our site in Evry using a conventional fermentation pilot, which was adapted for isobutene production. Optimizing the production of biological isobutene and reaching industrial scale represent an unprecedented challenge which necessitated a unique and innovative design of the fermenter. By analogy, one could consider this unit as the Sputnik for fermentation of gaseous hydrocarbons, an activity that could take a prominent place in the chemical and fuel industries of tomorrow.

—Denis Thibaut, Head of Fermentation

The company expects the unit will go through the mechanical and functional commissioning by the end of September and will then be ready for a first fermentation run this fall.


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