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GE GHG Ecomagination Innovation Challenge for higher value use of low grade waste heat from oil sands production

NineSigma, representing the General Electric Company, is inviting participation in a GE GHG Ecomagination Innovation Challenge to create value from excess low grade heat resulting from Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) oil sands production and/or related surface facility operations.

The challenge is one of two that will seek to address two of the biggest opportunities to reduce GHG emissions in Canada’s oil sands: higher value use of low grade heat and improved efficiency of steam generation. GE will be awarding a total of CAD $1 million in development grants and cash prizes to develop and commercialize proposed solutions, and participants will be eligible to become a supplier or contractor to GE on ongoing projects.

Topic 1, “Higher Value Uses of Low Grade Heat,” aims to create new uses for low grade heat resulting from oil sands production, thereby utilizing a by-product that is typically wasted. Up to 4 respondents will be awarded cash prizes, development funding, and access to GE's research and technology. Submissions are due 30 September 2014.

Topic 2, “Improved Efficiency of Steam Generation,” is not yet open to submissions and will launch in January, 2015.


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