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Toyota starts CVT production in China; production of hybrid vehicle transaxles to begin in 2015

Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC’s) vehicle powertrain production subsidiary in Changshu, China, Toyota Motor (Changshu) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (TMCAP), has begun localized production of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), which is a first for Toyota outside Japan. Production of transaxles for hybrid vehicles—also a first for Toyota outside Japan—is scheduled to begin here in 2015.

CVT cross-section. Click to enlarge.   TMCAP CVT assembly line. Click to enlarge.

TMCAP is collaborating with TMEC [Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China)], our hybrid-focused R&D facility nearby, to develop and produce the environment-friendly vehicles that Chinese consumers want and the future needs.

—TMCAP Chairman Seiichi Sudo

Established in July 2012, TMCAP began production of CVTs for compact cars on 14 July. TMCAP-produced CVTs are already being used in new “Corolla” and “Levin” models launched in China this summer, and are also planned for use in other compact vehicles in the future.

TMCAP is working to address anticipated demand for hybrid vehicles in China, with preparations underway to also locally produce hybrid system batteries and inverters. China-made hybrid components will be used in China-market Corollas and Levins starting in 2015.



Good decision to go where future markets will be.

Toyota China could also export to satisfy the world expanding market, specially with lower cost electrified vehicles. .

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