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Continental acquires 100% ownership of exhaust aftertreatment JV Emitec

Continental has acquired 100% ownership of the exhaust technologies specialist Emitec. Until now, it was a 50/50 joint venture with Continental and Continental’s partner GKN. The acquisition takes effect today, with Emitec becoming part of Conti’s Powertrain Division.

Continental already has a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of exhaust-gas aftertreatment and works closely with Emitec. Its purchase of the remaining shares of Emitec—which develops and produces metallic catalyst substrates, particle filters, and dosing modules for selective catalytic reduction (SCR)—means that the automotive supplier will now offer complete exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems.

This market is an important area of growth because with more stringent emission standards, such as Euro 6, almost all diesel vehicles will need an SCR system in the medium-term. SCR technology involves injecting a urea-water solution into the exhaust stream to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide in exhaust gases. Emitec will be adding its catalytic substrate technology and its dosing module to Continental’s SCR solutions.

There’s great potential synergy between Fuel Supply and Emitec in the very growth field of dosing modules, from initial customer contact through to development, purchasing and production. And our global production sites provide excellent expansion opportunities for Emitec’s current products. We’re already planning to start production of Emitec products by the end of this year at our Continental site in Wuhu, China.

On the other side, Emitec is strongly represented in the commercial-vehicle and two-wheeler sector. It can use its expertise and customer contacts here to help Fuel Supply gain access to new market segments. For example, I can see great potential here in the Indian two-wheeler market.

—Dr. Markus Distelhoff, Head of the new reformed Fuel & Exhaust Management Business Unit

In the future, Emitec will form the Exhaust Management Segment of the Fuel & Exhaust Management Business Unit. The products will continue to trade under the Emitec brand name. The structures of the former joint venture and the head office in Lohmar, near Bonn, will remain

The future Exhaust Management Segment will be headed by former Emitec CEO Dr. Berthold Curtius.


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