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Chromatin and California ethanol producers to support sorghum feedstock program with CA Energy Commission’s $9M grants

Chromatin, Inc., a leading producer of innovative crop breeding technology, sorghum seed products and feedstocks, announced a collaborative sorghum feedstock program with Pacific Ethanol, Inc.; Calgren Renewable Fuels; and Aemetis, Inc. The California Energy Commission announced on 18 July 2014 that it had awarded the ethanol companies with a total of $9 million in grants. (Earlier post.)

The sorghum feedstock program includes the California In-State Sorghum Program to support a lasting expansion in California’s ability to produce low-carbon ethanol from in-state feedstock that meets both the renewable fuel and greenhouse gas reduction goals stipulated under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard and California’s Low-Carbon Fuel Standard according to a statement released by Pacific Ethanol on 28 July 2014.

Chromatin previously announced a multi-year agreement with the three ethanol companies to produce California-grown sorghum for ethanol production.

Chromatin, Inc. develops sorghum for both traditional agriculture markets and for uses in new applications. It provides high quality sorghum seeds to growers and producers who are attracted to the crop’s rapid maturation, tolerance to heat, cold and drought and high yields.



They are growing the grain for animal feed anyway, so might was well use the stalks for create fuel. No extra land nor extra water, so there is your conservation in action.


IIUC "sweet sorghum" is harvested before the seeds are fully dry, so there may be some issues with seed maturity and storability.

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