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Mercedes-Benz introduces Euro VI road-railer Unimog

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a Euro VI version of its road-railer Unimog. Euro VI engines for trucks reduce diesel particles and NOx emissions by up to 90% compared to Euro V. The new engine generation is also efficient, due to its low maintenance and high-torque quality. Significant fuel savings are possible with the road-railer Unimog compared to shunting locomotives that run on diesel, Mercedes said.

The road-railer Unimog. Click to enlarge.

Mercedes-Benz delivered its first Euro VI Unimog truck in October 2013.

The Unimog U 423 delivers 170 kW (231 hp). The permanent all-wheel-drive that is typical for the Unimog series with longitudinal locks, as well as separate differential locks at the front and rear axis; the single tires; as well as the torque-converter-clutch for pulling heavy weights enables the Unimog to be configured for road-railer operations.

The transmission with eight forward gears and eight reverse gears enables speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph) in both directions. Railway-specific equipment—such as a dead man’s handle or railway radio system—is also available.

The “Easy Drive” system allows a smooth increase or decrease of the working speed of up to 50 km /h without using the clutch and an easy change between a hydrostatic drive system and mechanical transmission while driving.

Due to the Unimog’s compact axle dimensions it does not require a separate driving system even with different track widths. Using special rims and tires, the Unimog can be driven on both standard (1435 mm) and different international broad-gauge tracks on its road wheels. A hydraulically retractable rail guiding gear ensures a safe rail guiding system on the track.

At a level access to the track of a minimum length of five meters—e.g., at rail crossings—the Unimog can simply off-track and keep on driving on the road with up to 90 km/h (56 mph) to the next work site. For its use on tracks in local transport there are rail guiding systems available that enable to drive curve radii of 18 meters.

Various operations can be done with the road-railer Unimog, as for example greenery care alongside the road, cleaning the trackbed and train path and performing cleaning and maintaining work of signal stations or at the contact wire.


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