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CDTi launches DuraFit line of replacement diesel particulate filters

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. officially launched DuraFit, its new line of all makes original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement diesel particulate filters (DPFs), leveraging its proprietary catalyst technology within a new market segment.

Designed and manufactured in North America, DuraFit DPFs are cost-effective, exact-fit alternatives to OEM replacements, meet or exceed OEM emission requirements, and are fully supported by CDTi’s nationwide distributor network and field application specialists. Sales of CDTi’s DuraFit™DPFs commenced in June.

CDTi’s DuraFit DPFs address a growing opportunity in the heavy duty aftermarket to replace original equipment DPF units. According to market analysis firm Power System Research, North American OEMs have produced an average of 250,000 heavy duty on-road diesel vehicles equipped with DPFs each year since 2007 to comply with Environmental Protection Agency requirements. The typical OEM warranty on DPFs is 5 years and has expired for many of these vehicles with more continuing to expire in the coming years. As 2007 and newer DPFs from OEMs fail and require replacement, aftermarket DPFs are needed as replacements—creating this emerging opportunity.

According to a 2012 industry report, the market for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle after-treatment maintenance and repair is projected to grow from $0.5 billion in 2010 to $3.0 billion by 2017.


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