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Neste Oil’s renewable diesel used to generate elecricity at two events in Finland

Neste Oil’s NEXBTL renewable diesel was used to generate electricity at two major events in Finland this summer: the Flow Festival in Helsinki and the Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle street circuit race. NEXBTL diesel generated 45% of the electricity used at the Flow Festival and powered the machinery at the festival site. Using the fuel resulted in a 22 ton reduction in emissions, equivalent in emission terms to nearly three round-the-world flights.

NEXBTL diesel has proved itself an excellent fuel for generating electricity, as it has in other areas. When used to power on-site generator sets, the premium quality of the fuel and its purity cut exhaust emissions and eliminate the odor associated with conventional diesel.

—Kaisa Hietala, Neste Oil’s Executive Vice President, Renewable Products

Due to its premium quality, any proportion of NEXBTL diesel can be used in a blend or it can be used on its own, while only up to 7% of conventional FAME-based biodiesel can be safely blended with fossil diesel.

Last year, NEXBTL diesel was used to generate electricity at the Down By The Laituri Festival in Turku and the Tall Ships Races Helsinki event.


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