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McLaren-Honda reveals MP4-30 F1 car for 2015 with new Honda hybrid power unit

McLaren-Honda revealed its new MP4-30 racer for the upcoming 2015 FIA Formula One (F1) World Championship. The car is fitted with Honda’s RA615H Hybrid power unit. (Earlier post.)


The McLaren-Honda MP4-30 is the only chassis on the grid to be fitted with Honda’s new RA615H Hybrid power unit. The car was aerodynamically refined over the winter, resulting in a refined nose-box solution, slimmed rear-end packaging—particularly around the gearbox—and the incorporation of the all-new power unit under its tightly contoured bodywork.

The team’s preparations for 2015 have drawn upon the resources of ExxonMobil, which has been working with Honda for two years on developing new technologies and formulations of Mobil 1 engine lubricants for the Honda V6 turbo. In turn, the team’s technology partner, SAP, provides its secure HANA Enterprise Cloud solution which underpins the entire McLaren Group, strengthening and simplifying the way the team runs its data management and modelling.

Fernando Alonso will begin on-track testing of the new MP4-30 at Jerez de la Frontera on 1 February.


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