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November 2015

November 30, 2015

EPA nudges up volume of renewable fuel in final requirements for 2014-2016 under RFS

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the final volume requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program today for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, and final volume requirements for biomass-based diesel for 2014 to 2017.

This rule finalizes higher volumes of renewable fuel than the levels EPA proposed in June (earlier post), but still represents a reduction compared to the original statutory requirements.


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Global billionaires unite in “Breakthrough energy coalition” to support development of zero-carbon energy

As the UN climate conference COP21 opened in Paris, Bill Gates announced the formation of the “Breakthrough energy coalition”, an investment grouping of global billionaires focused on developing the technologies that will create a new zero-carbon energy mix.


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NEVS cooperates with Renesas Electronics to facilitate new energy vehicle development

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) has entered a strategic cooperation with Renesas Electronics for new energy vehicles in China. Based on NEVS’ EV-optimized automotive architecture and Renesas Electronics’ mature technology system, the two parties will develop system solutions tailor-made for new energy vehicles.


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Emissions Analytics to launch real-world NOx accreditation scheme for new cars; complementary to RDE

UK-based Emissions Analytics, a specialist in real-world, on-road vehicle emissions measurement and analysis, plans to launch a new initiative in 2016 to help consumers, policy makers and vehicle manufacturers better understand the real-world emissions of NOx from new cars.


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Lear acquires V2X company Arada Systems

Lear Corporation, a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical distribution systems, has acquired Arada Systems, a Troy, Michigan-based automotive technology company that specializes in Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) communications.


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11 states assessing fees on EV owners in lieu of traditional fuel taxes

Eleven states currently assess fees on electric vehicle owners in lieu of traditional fuel taxes, according to the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).


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SEAT develops Parkfinder app leveraging Barcelona iCity platform

SEAT has developed the Parkfinder app, which indicates where there is available street parking thanks to data gathered via Barcelona's iCity platform. Drivers simply enter where they are headed, or once at their location, ask the app where there is available parking.


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TMFB researchers investigate engine performance of two possible future tailor-made biofuels

Researchers at RWTH Aachen University in Germany report on their evaluation of two possible future biofuels—tailor-made from biomass—in a paper in the journal Fuel. The team investigated the use of 2-butanone (also referred to as methyl ethyl ketone, MEK) and 2-methylfuran, both of which had been identified within the Cluster of Excellence “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass” (TMFB) (earlier post).

Investigations of the fuels’ autoignition tendency were carried out on a rapid compression machine (RCM); thermodynamic investigations were conducted on a direct injection spark ignition single cylinder research engine.


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Stanford team increases power of corrosion-resistant solar cells; advance for solar fuels

Researchers at Stanford, with colleagues at University College Cork in Ireland, have shown how to increase the power of corrosion-resistant solar cells, setting a record for solar energy output under water. Instead of pumping electricity into the grid, the power these cells produce would be used in the production of solar fuels.

This new work, published in Nature Materials, was led by Stanford materials scientist Paul McIntyre, whose lab has been a pioneer in the field of artificial photosynthesis. Artificial photosynthesis proposes using the energy from specialized solar cells to combine water with captured carbon dioxide to produce industrial fuels.


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U Mass team develops quick and easy coating process to make surfaces omniphobic

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have introduced a new method for making transparent, dirt-repellant coatings that can be applied very quickly and easily. The coatings repel both water and oily liquids and are stable at higher pressures and temperatures. A paper on their work is published in the journal Angewandte Chemie.


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