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Marseilles putting first 12m electric bus into service

7 June 2016

Marseille’s Réseau des Transports Marseillais (RTM) has put its first 12m electric bus into service. The Irizar i2e, which will serve on line 82 / 82S in the French city, is the first 12m electric city bus in revenue service in France.

Bus elect

The Irizar i2e, powered by a 374 kWh battery pack, was designed to offer a range between 200 and 250 km (124 to 155 miles), with a single charge at the end of the day. After only five hours of charging, it is guaranteed to drive between 14 and 16 hours.

RTM has been operating a micro-electric shuttle around the Old Port since 2013. RTM also is testing two hybrid articulated buses, with tests on other types of hybrids to follow.

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France, a country with clean nuclear e-energy should have been one of the first country with 1000s e-buses?

Surprising that is was not.

Too busy with their 6M+ migrants?

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