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Orange EV approved to give up to $150K discount for electric terminal trucks with NY EV vouchers

Orange EV, a manufacturer of battery-electric heavy-duty trucks, announced that fleets in the state of New York can now save up to $150,000 per T-Series pure electric terminal truck (the 160 kWh model; the 80 kWh model is approved for a $123,960 voucher). Discounts are enabled by the New York State Electric Vehicle – Voucher Incentive Fund (NYSEV-VIF). Vouchers may be requested through December 31, 2016.

NYSEV-VIF has $9 million available in voucher incentives for all-electric battery vehicles. The vehicle must be domiciled (registered and garaged) and operate 70% of the time in one of New York State’s 30 counties currently in non-attainment.

To be eligible for the NYSEV-VIF grant, a vehicle must be a new Class 3-8 all-electric vehicle truck or bus. Other approved vehicles are BYD buses (up to $150K); Motiv Power electric F450s ($90K); New Flyer buses ($150K); Proterra buses ($150K); Trans Tech buses ($90K); Workhorse vans ($60K); and Zenith Motors vans (up to $57,436).

Orange EV electric terminal trucks are commercially deployed and have been operating up to 24+ hours per charge at sites from single shift to 24x7 in: railroad inter-modal, LTL freight, manufacturing, retail distribution, waste management and warehouse container handling facilities.

Under this program, fleet customers receive a discount at the point of sale from Orange EV. After delivering purchased trucks, Orange EV redeems the voucher incentive. In this way the total fleet capital outlay is directly reduced. For the Chicago, California and New York programs, fleets contact Orange EV to submit requests and help manage the process. Fleets have a little under a year to complete deployment of funded trucks.

For each of the nation’s top three commercial regions including New York state, Chicago and all of California, fleet managers can deploy Orange EV electric trucks while paying about half the price. Fleets taking advantage of the discounts avoid the financial and operational burden of Tier 4 diesel emission systems while saving up to 90% net in fuel, and more in a broad range of other areas.

—Mike Saxton, Orange EV chief commercial officer

Fleets operating Orange EV trucks under moderate conditions can realize fuel and maintenance savings of $10,000-$30,000 per truck per year; heavier use can generate savings of $30,000-$60,000 per truck per year. Additionally, with electric trucks, fleets avoid the higher cost to purchase, operate and maintain Tier 4 diesel emission systems.

Because total cost of ownership is often less than for a diesel, fleets have begun deploying Orange EV’s electric trucks even without incentives, using existing capital and expense budgets. Traditional equipment financing programs are also available. Companies electing to use incentive programs however are renewing fleet assets and lowering annual operating costs with a significantly lower capital investment.


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