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Protean Electric & Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology partner to develop 16" version of in-wheel motor

5 April 2017

Protean Electric and Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (VIE) are partnering to develop a 16" version of the ProteanDRIVE In-Wheel Motor. The ProteanDRIVE® 16 (PD16) is based on Protean’s PD18 product.

PD16 is targeted for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in the A to D segment, utilizing scalable and patented ProteanDRIVE architecture.

  • Integrated Motor and Inverter to fit inside a regular 16" wheel
  • Peak Torque/Power 800 N·m/40 kW
  • Continuous Torque/Power 450 N·m/26 kW
  • Conventional wheel bearing and friction brake integration
  • Added wheel mass 27kg

A joint venture will manufacture and distribute PD16 in China, and supply to Protean for its international customers.

VIE is a leading automotive parts supplier in R&D, manufacturing and sales of automotive chassis control system for both passenger and commercial vehicle. VIE products include the front and rear suspension system, vehicle electronics control system, pneumatic and hydraulic brake systems, clutch operating system and engineering plastic parts. VIE has recently broadened into wireless charging, ADAS and electric motor brakes.

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