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Airbiquity introduces OTAmatic for connected vehicle over-the-air (OTA) software updates and data management

Airbiquity launched launch of OTAmatic, an automotive over-the-air (OTA) solution that orchestrates and automates software updates and data management for connected vehicles.

New vehicle operation, performance, and features are increasingly reliant on software and data to function as designed. As such, the ability for automakers and suppliers to update software and modify data collection after vehicle purchase is quickly becoming crucial to managing the lifecycle of the vehicle, consumer driving experience, and continued realization of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle to everything (V2X) communications, and autonomous driving.

The benefits of automotive OTA are multifaceted, including recall cost and cybersecurity mitigation, operations optimization, increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and new opportunities for monetizing and expanding connected vehicle ecosystems.

However, planning and executing automotive OTA for millions of vehicles around the world is progressively complex given the sophistication of modern vehicle architectures and proliferation of electronic components, sensors, and systems from a wide-variety of suppliers.

OTAmatic reliably and securely orchestrates and automates multi-ECU software updates and data management—at scale. This production-ready product has been specifically designed and engineered for automotive; can be purchased at the component level or as an end-to-end solution; can be deployed in the Airbiquity cloud, leading public clouds, or on-premise in customer data centers; and includes the following features:

  • Over-the-Air Orchestration: Policy-driven dependency, rollback, and recovery End-to-End Security: Standards-based certification, authentication, and encryption.

  • Data Management Framework: Dynamic data collection and upgradable analytics Bandwidth & Storage Management: Intelligent network selection, data caching, and transfer.

  • Consumer Interaction & Privacy: Customized notifications, prompts, and consent Campaign Management: Campaign creation, approvals, reporting, and administration.


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