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Toray to open new R&D base in Europe for new materials for environmentally friendly vehicles

Toray Industries will open Automotive Center Europe (AMCEU) in August 2018 near Munich, Germany, as part of strengthening of R&D function related to the Green Innovation (GR) Business in Europe.

Toray in 2008 established Automotive Center (AMC) in the Nagoya Plant and the center has been driving forward proposals, technology development and commercialization of solutions utilizing new materials to Japanese automotive OEMs. As a result, Toray Group’s net sales of materials for automotive applications grew about 10% a year in the period from fiscal year 2014 to 2016 compared with about 2% annual growth for the number of global automobile production, achieving about five times the growth of automobile production. 

Building on the experience with AMC and further driving the expansion of Toray Group’s automotive related business, AMCEU will play the major role of a core technology development base in Europe that is capable of handling new applications and offering one-stop service to customers in Europe.

It will offer comprehensive solutions combining advanced materials (intermediate base materials) such as carbon fiber composite materials, resins and films and technologies for mastering them (molding and design) as to how to bring out the materials’ characteristics as well as experiments, evaluation and technological support.

Toray aims to implement the GR Business Expansion strategy under its medium-term management program Project AP-G 2019 through development of new materials, building methods and structures required for environmentally friendly transportation equipment such as electric vehicles jointly with major customers (OEMs and Tier 1 companies) and to achieve environmental restriction goals, which are becoming stricter.


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