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TrafficCast and DENSO to develop hybrid Bluetooth-DSRC roadside device for mobile device and connected vehicle data collection and analysis

30 October 2017

TrafficCast and DENSO have signed a joint development agreement with the goal of combining TrafficCast’s Bluetooth signal detection with DENSO’s Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) device for V2X communications. The result would enable complementary sensor functionality in a single roadside device by combining two wireless technologies: TrafficCast’s BlueTOAD Spectra RSU (2.4 GHz) system with DENSO’s DSRC (5.9 GHz) technology.

The device will guide safety and mobility applications for connected and automated (CAV) initiatives, while also providing synchronization with transportation agency travel time and performance measures objectives.

The collaboration will extend to the BlueARGUS traffic analytics software which currently supports BlueTOAD. BlueARGUS will be optimized for travel-time and CV data visualization using paired and unpaired Bluetooth detection, along with traffic signal phase and timing (SPaT) and Basic Safety Message (BSM) data.

By implementing this integrated safety and mobility traffic monitoring system, traffic agencies and planners can attain ROI on day one for their adoption of performance measures evaluations and connected vehicle initiatives.

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