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November 2017

November 22, 2017

GM adds 9-speed auto to 2018 Buick Envision for China

Buick launched the 2018 Buick Envision in China with a new nine-speed transmission, updated design and enhanced connectivity. The Envision originally went on sale in China in October 2014. It remains Buick’s most popular SUV and second most popular model overall, with deliveries of 169,227 units in the first 10 months of this year.


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UK launching £400M vehicle charging infrastructure fund; putting extra £100M to support for buying EVs

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, presented his Autumn Budget to Parliament. Among the elements in the budget are the launch of a new £400-million (US$530-million) Charging Investment Infrastructure Fund and the provision of an extra £100 million (US$133 million) towards helping people buy battery-electric cars. The government is also committing to electrify 25% of cars in central government department fleets by 2022.

The UK government is investing £200 million in the charging infrastructure fund; the remaining £200 million is to be provided by matching private investment. The government will also make sure all new homes are built with the right cables for electric car charge points.


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Mahindra Automotive North America opens new HQ and manufacturing facility in Metro Detroit

As a strong indication of its growing presence in North America, Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) has opened a new North American HQ and manufacturing operation in the Detroit area—the first such new OEM facility in Southeast Michigan in more than 25 years.


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13 environmental groups urge USPS to select plug-ins for next-generation delivery vehicles

Thirteen environmental groups working on clean transportation solutions sent a letter to the United States Postal Service (USPS) urging it to select plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) for the next generation of delivery vehicles (NGDV). The USPS fleet travels more than 1.3 billion miles every year and uses more than 180 million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) of fuel.

Two of the five vehicles USPS are currently considering for the next generation of delivery trucks are plug-in models, the environmental organizations said. The winner of the contract will be announced in early 2018, with deployment likely to begin in Q1 2020. If an electric model is selected, the USPS fleet would be the largest electric vehicle fleet in the world.


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BNEF: Global plug-in vehicle sales surge 63% year-on-year in Q3; China accounted for more than half of total

Plug-in electric vehicles sales surged to a record in the third quarter, largely driven by strong demand in China, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). Sales of battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids exceeded 287,000 units in the quarter, 63% higher than the same quarter a year ago and up 23% from Q2 2017, BNEF said.

China accounted for more than half of global sales as its market for electric cars doubled amid government efforts to curb pollution.


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Velodyne LiDAR Partners with UMS for autonomous vehicle testing in South Korea

Velodyne LiDAR is partnering with Unmanned Solution (UMS) of South Korea to integrate its advanced LiDAR sensors into UMS’ expansive autonomous technology development program.


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Audi starts employee training campaign for big data and artificial intelligence

Under the “data.camp” slogan, Audi has started an employee training campaign focused on big data and artificial intelligence. Expertise in these areas is an essential basis for the development of cars driving in piloted mode, intelligent robots and digital mobility services. One important element here is Audi’s cooperation with the online platform Udacity.

In the context of the data.camp initiative, the company is therefore systematically analyzing the requirements of the various business units and preparing a comprehensive qualification portfolio. This starts with basic programs for new entrants without any knowledge of programming, such as the basis of data analysis, and ends with courses at university level on topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Agile project management with methods such as scrum, design thinking or prototyping is also included in big‑data qualification. All courses offered are individually tailored to the needs of the various employees.


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UC Riverside study to evaluate best ways to achieve California’s 100% renewable energy target

Arun Raju, director of the Center for Renewable Natural Gas at UC Riverside, recently received a $146,000 grant from Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) to examine the proposed 100% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and explore options that can help achieve emission reduction goals more efficiently and at lower costs.


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Eni, FCA partner on R&D to cut road vehicle CO2 emissions; methanol/ethanol blends, renewable diesel, ANG, on-board CO2 capture

The chief executive of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, and the chief executive of FCA, Sergio Marchionne, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the joint development of research projects and technological applications aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from road transport vehicles. The two companies, renewing their strategic commitment to a low-carbon future and in line with Italy’s National Energy Strategy, will combine their respective expertise, experiences and know-how to reduce the sector’s level of CO2 emissions.

Eni and FCA have identified the following areas of cooperation:


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Bosch subsidiary Buderus Guss introduces brake disc that generates up to 90% less brake dust

According to the Baden-Württemberg state environmental agency, brakes and tires are responsible for 32% of driving-related particulate emissions—roughly half of which is brake dust. Significantly reducing brake dust is therefore essential to improving the air, especially in cities.

Now, the Bosch subsidiary Buderus Guss has developed the iDisc, a brake disc that generates up to 90% less brake dust than a conventional brake disc. The iDisc is scheduled to go into production for a European manufacturer in November 2017.


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