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Fujitsu and HERE to partner on advanced mobility services and autonomous driving

Fujitsu and HERE Technologies plan to link their respective technologies into integrated solutions for customers developing advanced mobility services and autonomous cars. The two companies have signed an agreement with a view to commencing a long-term strategic partnership that would benefit both companies’ customers.

Fujitsu is a leading system integrator with data analytics, AI and high-performance computing technologies, while HERE is a leading provider of accurate and reliable digital mapping and advanced location-based data services and technology. HERE has systematized its approach to location-based data services with the HERE Open Location Platform. Through their planned partnership, the companies aim to support automakers, mobility providers and cities with integrated, end-to-end technology solutions with an initial focus on Japan-originated companies, while expanding to international markets.

Fujitsu will serve as a strategic system integration partner for HERE, and provide various mobility-related solutions worldwide to address opportunities in the smart city and smart mobility arenas. For example, Fujitsu plans to integrate the technology developed by the two companies to develop and offer innovative mobility-related solutions.

The plans include:

  • An on-demand mobility solution for the car-sharing market where car allocation can be optimized based on forecasts of traffic as well as supply and demand;

  • A traffic monitoring solution developed with the aid of information recognized and predicted from camera images that enables quick response to traffic incidents such as violations and accidents; and

  • A multi-modal route guidance solution that optimizes city traffic by taking train delays and congestion relief into account.

Fujitsu will also integrate HERE HD Live Map as well as other location services from HERE to complement and enhance its automated vehicle solutions.

To address customers’ growing requirements data analytics that becomes more complex with the expansion of IoT, HERE will work with Fujitsu to enable joint offerings that incorporate Fujitsu’s enhanced analytics and high-performance computing capabilities.


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