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Mercedes-Benz Econic compresses refuse with electric tipper body

In Lewisham, a district in the southeast of London, a Mercedes-Benz Econic 1838 4x2 with an electric tipper and crusher body has recently been put into service. Looking for an innovative rear loader tipper body, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks located a suitable product from the Dutch waste disposal specialist Geesinknorba: the entire body is driven electrically.


As a result, the vehicle can be efficiently and quietly used as a “mobile waste compactor”—local residents, market staff and market visitors are no longer bothered by noise and emissions. The battery pack is charged overnight in the depot (plug-in).

Lewisham Town Council bought its first Econic in 2013. Today they only use Econic vehicles in their fleet. Around 40 Econics are used in the narrow streets of this London borough. In Scandinavia the Econic with the electric body has found even wider acceptance: More than 150 units are in use in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.



Yet another article with limited and somewhat misleading information. Apparently, the tipper and crusher are electrified but the truck is still powered with a diesel engine. It should be possible to build a complete battery powered vehicle for this application as the distances traveled are not that great and most of the time the vehicle is used in a stop and go motion.


The actuators appear to be hydraulic rams.

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