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LanzaTech and Sekisui advance conversion of municipal solid waste to ethanol

Renault launches new generation gasoline engine, co-developed by Alliance and Daimler

Renault has introduced a new direct injection turbocharged 1.3 gasoline engine co-developed by the Alliance and Daimler. Inaugurated on the Scénic and Grand Scénic, it will be progressively offered in the Renault range beginning in 2018.

This new engine offers significant improvement in driving performance, with better torque at low rpm and greater and constant availability at high rpm, while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Compared with the Energy TCe 130, the new Energy TCe 140 delivers 35 N·m additional peak torque which is available across a broader rev band, from 1,500 rpm to 3,500 rpm, said Philippe Brunet, Alliance Global VP – Powertrain & Electric Vehicles.


The new engine is available in a variety of power ratings from 115 hp to 160 hp. The Energy TCe 160 engine offers a maximum torque of 260 N·m with manual gearbox and 270 N·m with EDC gearbox when reaching maximum power. This maximum torque is reached from 1750 rpm and up to 3700 rpm. Orders in France and Europe are now open and deliveries to customers are scheduled for mid-January 2018.

It incorporates several recent Alliance-developed innovations, including Bore Spray Coating, a cylinder coating technology from the Nissan GT-R engine, which improves efficiency, by reducing friction and optimizing heat transfer.

Other technologies enhance driving enjoyment and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: the pressure of the direct fuel injection has been raised by 250 bar and a specific combustion chamber design optimises the fuel/air mix.

In addition, Dual Variable Timing Camshaft technology controls the intake and exhaust valves according to engine loads. The result is more torque at low revs and more linear torque available linearly at high revs, for significant benefit in terms of driving comfort with better mid-range response.



Hate to see Carlos Ghosn spending new money on obsolete dirty- air internal combustion engines; that means they gotta sell them to recoup their investment and they'll be around for 20 more years polluting and killing people. But, I gotta remember He's not a Elon Musk; just another legacy car CEO trying to satisfy stakeholders.

And Bri

Ok good work. Now increase the efficiency by a 3x factor and change the fuel gor hydrogen instead to decrease pollution 100%. As soon as a ice engine reach a certain mpg increase, than we can carry enouph hydrogen to conserve enouph range. Actually fuelcell and hydrogen combustion engines are too inneficient to power big trucks.

Hey folks, i have another idea. Instead of following the news and articles about energy and endup like harvyd and engineer poet waiting for a miracle breakthru endlessly. To conter react this endless useless hope, we can TAKE CONTROL of the market by uniting each and all consumers in a big strike AGAINST car manufacturers. Then we have to stop buying any new car and trucks and keep our actual vehicle till it can't run at all because it is 100% wornout. We can clearly stay like that for at least 10 to 12 years without problems.

Then if a manufacturer don't go bankrupt and really start selling a real great car or truck, we all buy it if it cost less than 15 000$ brand new with a 10 year warrantee.


This doesn't seem like much effort to higher efficiency, this reads like "....driving performance...better torque.. mid-range response..." is top priority and fuel consumption is just minimally improved, we will have to wait and see but I doubt this is the right direction for conventional drivetrain.

The future for normal gasser IMO is cheap simple efficient engine and aid of electricity for driving performance. You get rid of high pressure DI, turbo, complex exhaust sistem (DI engines will need DPF and some form of NOx treatment) and when you are at it get rid of complex EDC, DCT or DSG ... wait a minute that kind of drivetrain already exists, it's called Toyota HSD :D

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