Global Bioenergies starts scale-up of its second process: renewable acetone and isopropanol
SwRI opens ECTO-Lab for quick, cost-effective qualification of catalysts, emission control products

Neste to double production of drop-in renewable fuels and chemicals in Singapore to approx. 2Mt per year

Neste has begun design of a new production line in its Singapore refinery for the production of renewable diesel, renewable aviation fuel and raw materials for various biochemical uses. The company is aiming to make a final investment decision by the end of 2018. If the project proceeds as planned, production at the new production line, which will add one million tons of capacity, will begin by 2022.

The growth project includes an enhanced pre-treatment unit in preparation for the use of increasingly poor-quality waste materials.

There were two equally good locations for the refinery, the United States and Singapore. We investigated the strengths of both potential operating environments, and also revisited our outlooks for raw materials and demand. Based on this overall assessment, we settled on Singapore.

—Kaisa Hietala, head of Neste’s Renewable Products business

Neste currently has a renewable diesel production capacity of 2.6 million tons. Of this total, over one million is produced in Singapore, the same amount in Rotterdam and the rest in Porvoo, Finland. By eliminating bottlenecks, this total capacity will be increased to 3 million tons by 2020. In addition to producing renewable diesel, the refineries are able to produce renewable aviation fuel and raw materials for various biochemical uses.


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