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Biotech’s First Commerical Shipment of Bioethanol

GM, Ford Partner on Fuel-efficient Transmissions

General Motors and Ford are investing almost .75 Billion dollars into three plants to make fuel-efficient, six-speed front wheel drive transmissions.

Following a pattern of increasing cooperation in R&D between rivals as a way to manage costs, the two teamed up in October 2002 to work together on the device. Further cooperation may ensue -- they both seem pretty pleased with the result.

Six-speed transmissions were highlighted as an important short-term technology for reducing CO2 emissions in the CARB workshop (posts below). Ford and GM estimate their new transmission can cut CO2 emissions by 4%. The new systems should be in cars for the 2007 model year.


Cameron Dell

I always wondered why trucks have rear ends with hypo-gears and not tans axles. Allot of buses have trans axles in them. By reversing this configuration and using it in a semi a 25% fuel saving and power increase could be achieved.

Cameron Dell

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