Ford and BP Seeding the H2 Economy
Hybrid MPG and Horsepower

More H2 Seeds

In addition to the Ford/BP partnership (below), Toyota, Honda and Nissan are planning to put 65 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the California test fleet in the next 5 years, working with Air Products & Chemicals, which will build 24 H2 refueling stations. BMW is also working as part of this group, although it will be delivering its hydrogen ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles instead (similar to the 745h, below).

Hyundai will place 32 FCVs into California and Chevron-Texaco will build up to 6 fueling stations. DCX has committed to up to 30 vehicles between California and Michigan.

GM, long an advocate for hydrogen development, had no me-too announcement.

The background for all this: a $350 million ante by the Federal government plus an addition $225 million in private funding to back H2 research projects.


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