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FISITA in Barcelona


FISITA -- the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies -- is holding its annual conference and exhibition this week in Barcelona. As a major international technology event, it provides a good window into the thinking and direction of the auto industry, from academic research through commercial product development.

Of the five conference tracks, two are of most immediate interest to us: Future Automotive Technology and Vehicles and the Environment.

Hybrids, advanced diesels, and hydrogen topics are prevalent in the program, as you’d expect. There are a number of sessions on using HCCI engines with alternative fuels (Dimethyl Ether -- DME and Natural Gas), as well as looking at HCCI hybrids. Diesel sessions are prevalent, given the popularity of diesel in Europe.

BMW is slated to push further on the use of H2 in a combustion engine (ICE), rather than a fuel cell (FC). That caught my eye because of the results re: the difference between H2 in a fuel cell and in an internal combustion engine in the Alternative Fuel study I referenced in an earlier post today.

Let’s see what happens in Barcelona this week.


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