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Something Else to Worry About on Supply Side: Hurricanes

Forecasters are predicting three major storms in the Atlantic for this hurricane season, which begins tomorrow. With companies operating more than 4,000 oil and gas assets in the Gulf, from unmanned to large manned rigs, a major storm sweeping through the Gulf could disrupt supplies for days. Furthermore, If a... Read more →

Gas Crisis...in Iran

It may sound counterintuitive, but here it is, from the Tehran Times. Unbridled and unconstrained gasoline consumption in the country and growing fuel imports at exorbitant prices constitute a big challenge to the Islamic Republic. According to estimates, the budget allocation for fuel imports in the current calendar year (started... Read more →

EU Invites India into Research Program

The European Union (EU) is involving India at a strategic level in the 20 billion euro research and technology development (RTD) program. The budget of the EU RTD programme will increase to 40 billion euros for a four-year period from 2006-2010. “EU-India science and technology agreement’s first joint committee meeting... Read more →

Army Showcases Alternative Energy Vehicles

The Army showed a dozen alternative energy vehicle prototypes during a four-day symposium exploring clean energy sources for and from Alaska. The Army hopes the vehicles will reduce its fuel consumption on the battlefield, and other military branches are watching closely. In fact, the Air Force has assigned a representative... Read more →

Biodiesel from Algae

Via Slashdot, from the UNH Biodiesel Group comes an interesting theoretical analysis of large-scale biodiesel production using algae as a feedstock. There is a first pass at calculating the total land mass required to produce enough biodiesel to satisfy all transporation fuel requirements (11,000 square miles). What potentially makes this... Read more →

Saudi Grandstand?

The Saudi proposal to increase official OPEC production apparently has jolted other OPEC members. What’s going on? What are the factors in this? Factor 1: Acceptable Price. One of the undercurrents of the discussion over supply and price is the belief that there is an “acceptable” price per barrel that,... Read more →

Alternative Fuels Market Development

In 2002, the European Commission established a stakeholder Contact Group to advise on technical and economic status and developments of alternative fuels for road transport and on measures by which the Community could promote their use. Topic Groups on natural gas and hydrogen respectively, and a Working Group on Biomass-to-Liquid... Read more →

Mind the Depletion Gap

An editorial from the UK-based Petroleum Review works through the sobering math of the current oil supply and production situation. The point should be obvious, but is clearly overlooked. Meeting increasing demand means finding new supplies to offset the depletion of existing resources PLUS the additional supply required. The one... Read more →

China and Kazakhstan: Another Oil Deal

Another China and oil item. From a joint statement signed yesterday by Chinese President Hu Jintao and visiting Kazakhstan President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev: The two sides agree that the geographic adjacency and economic complementarity lay a solid foundation for the close cooperation in petroleum and natural gas production. The further... Read more →

Ethanol Rollup

Accessity, a Florida-based health care and insurance services company, is creating the first California-based, vertically integrated ethanol producer and marketer by rolling up three other companies. [Accessity] has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Pacific Ethanol, Kinergy Marketing, and Re-Energy, in a stock-for-stock share exchange transaction. Pacific Ethanol and Re-Energy... Read more →

Challenge X: GM and DOE

Here is a description of the contest I mentioned below in the post about the biodiesel hybrid: Challenge X. Seventeen North American universities were selected through a competitive process to participate in CHALLENGE X: Michigan Technological University; Mississippi State University; Ohio State University; Pennsylvania State University; Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology;... Read more →

EPA’s Clean Diesel Engine Goes Commercial

Crain’s Chicago Business reports that Navistar will be the first manufacturer to try a clean diesel engine approach developed by none other than the Environmental Protection Agency. An announcement of an agreement between the government and Warrenville-based International is scheduled for Thursday in Chicago. Others will likely follow. One is... Read more →