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From Germany comes a preview of the 2nd generation compact A-Series. The series has sold 1.1 million units since its release in 1998, but still is a money-loser as a line.

New or further-developed four-cylinder engines deliver up to 38% more power while fuel consumption falls by up to 10%.

A total of more than 200 patents are used in the new Mercedes model which retains the unique “sandwich” body construction concept of its predecessor.

Compared to their predecessors, the performance of the petrol and diesel engines used in the new A-Class has increased by up to 38% and torque levels have improved by up to 46%. All engines satisfy the stringent EU-4 exhaust gas limits and a particulate filter system can optionally be supplied for the diesel engines.

The three newly developed CDI diesel engines are based on second-generation common-rail technology which operates with dual pilot fuel injection and a higher fuel injection pressure (1600 bar). This and other measures result in a considerable increase in performance and torque, a drop in exhaust gas emissions and audible noise reduction.

Fuel consumption of the CDI models in the NEDC cycle is 57.6 mpg to 52.3 mpg. The A160 CDI can travel around 680 miles on one tank (54 litres).

BMW will be entering this market with its 1-Series.


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