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Stuart Energy Networks H2 Stations

Stuart Energy Systems has been granted a US patent on its method for networking hydrogen energy stations. This provides some insight into the distributed nature of upcoming energy solutions.

This “Energy Distribution Network” patent complements Stuart Energy’s previously-granted “Intelligent Hydrogen Fueling Station” U.S. patent, which gives Stuart Energy exclusive rights to market on-site, electrolysis-based hydrogen fueling stations, including PEM and alkaline, where user demand information is automatically exchanged between the user and system components. For example, a “smart card” or keypad is used to activate control of production and supply of hydrogen at a single station. The intelligent interaction between components of a hydrogen energy station and the user is essential to providing a convenient and familiar experience for the customer.

The “Energy Distribution Network” patent contemplates a number of these hydrogen energy stations linked to a central controller that manages the overall hydrogen production. Since hydrogen is produced on-site, as opposed to central production as with today’s conventional fueling stations, a central controller is critical in managing the inventories of hydrogen in a network and providing related information to hydrogen users. The central controller will also match the electricity available to produce the hydrogen and balance the supply of electricity and hydrogen with the demand of the fuel users or certain power applications. The central controller will have command and control over these intelligent stations, which should give customers the ability to more effectively optimize their hydrogen station assets.

Stuart Energy provides hydrogen energy stations under the Stuart Energy Station (SES) brand name. The SES consists of up to five modules: Hydrogen Generation, Compression, Storage, Power Generation and Fuel Dispensing. These stations can produce hydrogen for a variety of applications, including vehicle fueling and distributed

power generation.

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