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1st Indian Fuel Cell Prototype

Business Standard. The Reva Electric Car Company (which also manufactures the country’s only electric, battery-powered car) unveiled a prototype Hs fuel cell car.

It will certainly take a few years before RECC’s fuel cell car becomes a production reality, but the very fact that a relatively small company, based in Bangalore – which is not exactly the centrestage for new developments in automotive technology – has had the courage and the perseverance to work on a cutting-edge product like this.


Amitava Roy

RE Hydrogen Ltd

"Renewable Energy Hydrogen"

We are a technology development company based on the intellectual property. We are developing low cost, more efficient and dynamic electrolysers for renewable energy powered operation. Our novel design is based on academic research and the experience of unique field demonstration.

We also provide consultancy services to our clients in modelling, feasibility studies, detailed design studies, sizing analysis related to renewable and hydrogen energy. We have expertise in optimising the process for hydrogen production by electrolysis of water and hydrogen storage methods. We are also working with hydrogen PEM fuel cells.

We have interests in the European markets and in developing countries, especially India and China.

Our future plans are to provide complete package to our clients for total energy solutions including, energy production, storage, distribution and utilisation with maintenance and customer services at all levels.

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how hydrogen is being produce from electrolysis of H2O?it requires quiet costly catalst platinum.can u email me the detailed process with fissible condition require for H2 production and methods used to store H2?
2nd yr civil engg.

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