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Ford Shows H2 ICE in Germany


Ford displayed a prototype Ford Focus C-max burning hydrogen at a German car conference. This is not a fuel cell vehicle—it is an internal combustion engine (ICE) car that burns H2. Ford developed the car at its Aachen Research Center in Germany. (Ford is also working on fuel cell vehicles.)

Ford (at least, Ford Germany) views the H2 ICE as an important medium-term bridge technology to fuel cells, especially because increased demand for hydrogen in ICE would accelerate the buildout of the hydrogen infrastructure for fueling while necessary R&D on fuel cells continues.

BMW is also taking the H2 ICE approach. (Earlier post.)

The Ford Focus H2 ICE engine is based on the familiar 2.3-liter four-cylinder gasoline unit and supercharged so that it offers similar performance levels.

The car stores hydrogen at high pressure in three separate tanks - two behind the rear seats and one under the floor. A regulator on the engine reduces the gas pressure from 350 bar to 5.5 bar at the intake manifold. Currently the car has a range of 125 miles.

Press release and more information here (German).


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