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ChevronTexaco: Profits Up, Production Down..and What’s With Kazakhstan?

ChevronTexaco brought in record 2Q net income of $4.1 billion, slightly more than 2.5 times the $1.6 billion on the same quarter last year. Half-year to half-year, net income rose to $6.687 billion from $3.520 billion. Production of crude and liquids dropped 4.4% quarter-to-quarter (4% half-to-half). The charts below show... Read more →

Ethanol Fuel Cell

Physorg.com. Intelligent Energy has successfully completed trials of its stationary, ethanol-based fuel cell system. The company is targeting distributed power generation in Latin America as an opportune market for technology such as this. Intelligent Energy formed in 2001 and set about acquiring three other companies that became the building blocks... Read more →

Hydrogenics and Deere for Commercial H2

Hydrogenics entered into a five-year agreement with Deere & Company for continued R&D into hydrogen fuel cells in commercial vehicles. The agreement comes following earlier joint projects involving the integration of Hydrogenics’ fuel cell power module technology into Deere ePower vehicles. Hydrogenics develops and manufactures fuel cell and related new... Read more →

Diesel Dreamin’

Dan Neil at the LA Times on diesels. Nice backgrounder, review of the VW Touareg, and a good conclusion. I would argue that diesel is highly underrated by environmentally conscious consumers. For as giddy as people are about gas-electric hybrids such as the Toyota Prius or the coming-soon Honda Accord... Read more →

GM Expands (and Greens?) Hummer Line

Chicago Tribune / AP. First, the specifics. GM is adding to its Hummer lineup: a smaller, midsize H3, and a higher performance, more efficient version of the H1 called the Alpha. GM has been talking about the H3 for months—a vehicle clearly targeted at DaimlerChrysler’s Jeep franchise, and a larger... Read more →

What’s the $ Impact on Automakers?

A report issued late last year by the World Resource Institute and Sustainable Asset Management attempts to quantify the economic impact on the top 10 automakers in the face of increasing regulation on fuel-efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. The report, Changing Drivers: The Impact of Climate Change on Competitiveness and... Read more →

Ford President on Hybrids and Fuel Cells

LA Times interview with Ford President Nick Scheele. Some interesting observations on cars vs. trucks, fuel cells and hybrids. Q: Don’t trucks still account for about two-thirds of your unit sales? A: But we saw that we couldn’t keep milking the truck market while competitors were climbing into it more... Read more →

Mack Gets $2M Boost for Diesel-Hybrid Powertrain

Congress has approved an additional $2 million appropriation for Mac Trucks to continue its development of a diesel-hybrid powertrain for military and commercial use. (An earlier post on Mack diesel-hybrids here.) The $2M supplements funding in a contract for diesel-hybrids for the AirForce awarded at the beginning of this year.... Read more →

Hybrid Diesel Schoolbuses

eSchoolNews Online. ISE Corp. and engine manufacturer Advanced Energy are both exploring hybrid-diesel options for schoolbuses. Headquartered in San Diego, ISE Corp., a manufacturer of fuel-efficient technologies and drive systems for public transit, is in talks with The Education Foundation of Harris, Texas, and the state’s Adopt-A-School Bus Program—an extension... Read more →

Until Technology Offers a Better Solution...

California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted a diesel air toxic control measure that requires big rig truck and interstate bus operators to shut their engines down after five minutes of non-essential idling. The new regulation affects the more than 400,000 heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses registered in California and all... Read more →

California: Pro-environment, Pro-hybrids

A survey by the Public Policy Institute of California found that 55% of Californians believe that the environment should be the top policy priority, even at the expense of economic growth. A copy of the full report is here. Additional finds include: 81 percent of residents support requiring automakers to... Read more →

Funding Kicker for Fuel Cells

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham announced eleven new fuel-cell research projects valued at nearly $4.2 million, including private-sector cost-sharing of more than 20 percent, focused on solving remaining issues in developing solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems for commercial use. These are not the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cells most... Read more →

Marketing Woes

Daniel Howes in the Detroit News has an interesting perspective—if slightly defensive of the Detroit Big 3—on the marketing trouncing Toyota is handing its rivals. Because the confusion strengthens Toyota’s carefully crafted green marketing message. And it buttresses the image of Detroit’s Big Three-are-environmental-morons, a rap that GM, Ford and... Read more →

Ford Earnings Climb, But Not From Cars

Ford has posted $1.6 billion in pre-tax earnings for the second quarter ($1.16B post-tax). Of that, however, only $83 million—5%—came from auto sales. Factor in special items of $140 million, including the restructuring of the investment in Ballard and restructuring in Europe, and Ford lost $57 million on its auto... Read more →

Producing H2

There is much agreement that hydrogen is the probable energy carrier of the future—there is little agreement on how exactly that hydrogen will come to be. Unlike wood, coal or petroleum, hydrogen isn’t sitting waiting to be harvested, mined or pumped. Rather, it needs to be produced. The diagram at... Read more →

Citroën C4 and a Strategy for Emissions Reduction

Citroën will unveil production models of its new C4 sedan at the Paris Motor Show in September. Citroën combined aerodynamic design (the C4 has a Cd (drag coefficient) of 0.28 – the best in the segment, according to Citroën) and its HDi diesels with Particulate Filter to produce a car... Read more →

Zeitgeist Check: Hybrids in Non-Car Advertising

Usually I just flip past ads in magazines. The headline on this Cisco ad for IP voice communications caught my eye, however. Clever, and an indication of the increasing penetration of hybrids into buyer consciousness—or at least, into the consciousness of the creative director. (Click on image to enlarge.) Here’s... Read more →

SHEC Labs Extracts H2 from H2O with Solar Energy

PhysOrg.com. Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC Labs) reports that it has demonstrated the production of Hydrogen from water using its proprietary Solar Thermal Chemical Process. Utilizing the hot Arizona sun and a new Solar Concentrator developed by the Lab, the research team was able to extract Hydrogen from water at... Read more →

Ethanol Debuts at Berkeley

Berkeley Lab. With the addition of a 4,000-gallon fuel tank in the motor pool, the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has become the first ethanol dispensing station in Northern California. This cleaner-burning, high-octane, environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline will soon power 60 vehicles in the Laboratory’s... Read more →