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VW Posts June Sales Drop, But Its Diesels Surge

VW of America reported a 12% drop in June sales year-to-year. The company sold 22,692 vehicles last month, compared to 25,808 in June 2003.

However, sales of cars with the new TDI diesel engine surged 46.3%, up to 3,429 from 2,351 for the same month last year, representing 15% of Volkswagen’s sales for the month.

That puts VW’s diesel sales in the same general ballpark as hybrid sales form Honda and Toyota. As soon as I can get more detail on which models, and what the trends look like, I’ll post. But that surge seems to be a very clear signal that the new diesel story (clean, fuel efficient) is starting to play well.

We’ll keep tracking, and also see what happens to the Mercedes diesels.


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