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The Straits Times. China plans to add 27 new nuclear plants by 2020 to its current nine in operation.

This would work out to two to three 1,000MW nuclear plants being built annually for the next 15 years, said Mr Zhang Huazhu, chairman of the China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA).

The new plants, alongside existing ones, will be located in the more economically developed south-eastern and coastal regions, such as the Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

...mounting pollution from coal-fired plants and uncertainties in the international oil market have forced Beijing to speed up its development of alternative sources of energy.

Nuclear power already accounts for more than 13 per cent of the electricity supply in Guangdong and Zhejiang, said Mr Zhang, adding that atomic energy “is going to be an important pillar in the electricity-mix in the coastal areas.”

Nuclear power represents only 2.29% of electricity generated in China as a whole, however. Adding the 27 new plants by 2020 will increase this to 4% of the projected total.



There's an interesting article in the latest Wired issue about the development of pebble bed nuclear reactors:

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