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GM Previews Chevy Hybrid S3X SUV


GM is premiering a concept version of its new 7-seat S3X SUV with a hybrid powertrain at the Paris Motor Show. When launched in the market in 2006, the production version of the S3X will be Chevrolet’s first turbo diesel vehicle for Europe, the first to be developed entirely by GM Daewoo Auto & Technology, and the first to feature a diesel engine built at the new South Korean diesel-engine plant.

GM is positioning the hybrid powertrain as “a glimpse of potential future hybrid technology for GM cars and trucks around the world.” That sounds intriguing, but I haven’t been able to get any details yet. I’ll keep you posted.



Hmmm... The styling looks a lot like the RAV4. ;-)


It is a Toyota with a GM name plate...

R Stanley

great for Europe but where are you for the USA market. Why no passenger vehicles and mid sized suvs or vans here. You must have known about our changeover to clean diesel this year, so where are the diesel vehicles for mass america ?


ok so far i found one article that shows GM making a large HYBRID SUV that combines active management (8 to 4 cylinders and/or the electric option....come on american auto manufacturers....we consumers are waiting for you guys to catch up! where are the mid size hybrid trucks and vans!

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